Cheese with low sodium: checking salt content in popular cheeses

The kinds of cheese with the most amount of sodium

This chart representing sodium levels in popular varieties of cheese speaks for itself (click on the image to see a bigger version). Starting at the top, we have cheeses with the most amount of sodium: Parmesan, Asiago, Low Fat American, Blue cheese, American, Romano, Feta, Edam. Slightly lower in sodium are Provolone, Camembert, Gouda, Fontina. Pretty much the same sodium levels can be found in Mozzarella, Brie, Muenster, Mexican blend, Cheddar, Havarty and many others. All these varieties have just under 200 mg per 1 oz serving or one slice. Cheese found on your typical pizza can also be found in this middle of the road category.

Medium levels of cheese.

A few cheeses weigh in at 100 to 125 mg: Neufchatel, Goat cheese, Gruyere. Consider that the varieties at the top of the list have nearly 4 times the amount of sodium than these cheeses! If you enjoy their flavors, these cheeses can probably considered as an occasional delicacy of a not too strict low sodium diet. Remember that Gruyère cheese is technically a variation of Swiss cheese.

Cheese low in sodium

If you are looking for cheese with low salt levels there is a reason why there are not that many cheese labels that specifically say “low sodium”. Salt is often an essential ingredient which is supposed to remove moisture from cheese during its making. It is therefore a technological necessity. But, as it turns out, cheese can be naturally quite low in sodium. Swiss cheese is among the most popular varieties that are known for this quality.