My story


“Like I always say to my patients, at least it’s not cancer!”

What? Seriously? That’s the big consolation?

“It’s only a life style change, really.”

Usually the next thing you hear is that all of a sudden you really need to monitor your sodium intake, whether you like it or not. My story was no different…

The irony is that I always thought that I never add salt to my meals, but upon closer introspection it became clear I enjoy too many foods which are relatively (or dangerously so) high in sodium. It was time to change things and this site represents my efforts to stay in compliance with my doctor’s orders.

Now, bear in mind that at no point, no way, no how I will give anything remotely similar to a medical advice. I simply take at face value what medical science has been saying for the last 50 years or so: high sodium is bad for you. And I try to learn everything that pertains to this piece of knowledge in terms of specific things that one should or should not do.