Quick low sodium pasta meal

This quick low sodium meal is so simple that it does not require a strict recipe. Get a box of your favorite pasta. Check the ingredients. Most likely you will see sodium listed at 0% per serving. It does not actually mean that there is no sodium at all, but there is typically under 10 milligrams per 100g (roughly two servings). That’s pretty low and most pastas are “naturally” low in sodium.

Low sodium mashed potatoes (using Kitchenaid)

Mashed potatoes are great when you cook for the entire family, because you can use as little salt as you want. In fact, you can get your own portion without adding any salt at all and then add some salt for those members of your family who have not yet been enlightened. Sweet potatoes are much more nutritious than white potatoes, but some folks just don’t like their taste or the texture.

Better tasting soup without salt: a tip

When people discuss how much salt must be added to the water in order to boil pasta one of the arguments that support a more generous use of sodium chloride sounds like this: who cares? It ends up in the drain anyway! Well, not exactly, but there is some truth in that. You will not be consuming all the salt you have added to that big pot of spaghetti. The situation is drastically different when it comes to salt being added to soups.

Cooking pasta with no salt added

Here is an urban myth that needs to be debunked: you must add salt when making pasta.Guess what? Water will still boil and pasta will still cook even if you add no salt! There are different schools of thought regarding how much salt you should add to water when making pasta — among the folks who are not concerned with the amount of sodium they consume. The most common rule is that you add enough salt for the water to “taste like the sea”.

My story

“Like I always say to my patients, at least it’s not cancer!” What? Seriously? That’s the big consolation? “It’s only a life style change, really.” Usually the next thing you hear is that all of a sudden you really need to monitor your sodium intake, whether you like it or not. My story was no different… The irony is that I always thought that I never add salt to my meals, but upon closer introspection it became clear I enjoy too many foods which are relatively (or dangerously so) high in sodium.