Simple tip to cut down sodium intake + a free joke!

Ok, let’s start with the joke. Husband and wife came for clerical advice to a priest (rabbi, guru – what have you). “Father (rabbi, guru…) we just keep having babies, one after another. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?” After a brief pause the man responded, “Of course, all it takes is a drink of water”. Elated at the ease of the proposed solution, the couple just needed one clarification. “Is it supposed to be… well… before or after?” the husband inquired. “Instead!” replied the cleric indignantly.

When it comes to lowering your sodium intake, the exact same advice holds true. Replace the drink that you normally have with one of your daily meals with a glass of water. If you regularly consume juice or soda, especially. Drinking water helps your body excrete the sodium without adding any more sodium to the equation. And if you want to be absolutely certain that the water you are drinking contains no sodium, buy bottled water, because municipal water supplies often have traceable amounts of sodium.

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