Quick low sodium pasta meal

pastalowsodiumThis quick low sodium meal is so simple that it does not require a strict recipe.

Get a box of your favorite pasta. Check the ingredients. Most likely you will see sodium listed at 0% per serving. It does not actually mean that there is no sodium at all, but there is typically under 10 milligrams per 100g (roughly two servings). That’s pretty low and most pastas are “naturally” low in sodium.

Cook the pasta according to instructions on the box. DO NOT add salt to water!

Now look at the label on a bottle of olive oil. Most likely the label will indicate 0% per serving. It will take a whole cup of olive oil to rake up a whopping 4 mg of sodium. Looks like olive oil is also “naturally” sodium free.

Add olive oil to the cooked pasta liberally

A lot of vegetables are naturally (no quotes this time) low in sodium. This includes tomatoes and broccoli. Since broccoli might need to be boiled first, tomatoes will do just fine. Peppers are also great.

Add cut vegetables to your meal

Finally, lets add some distinct flavor.

Add fresh basil or other spices.

The resulting quick meal will have negligible amount of sodium.