What is the sodium content of bacon?

How salty is bacon? This seems like a silly quesiton. Yeah, pretty salty. And an average American eats 18 pounds of bacon every year. One slice at a time… But what are the actual numbers and the overall impact of bacon on your health?

Sodium content in milk

It is often said that humans are not meant to drink cow’s milk. Hence the ever rising number of people who display various degrees of lactose intolerance. Aside from that, is milk a good thing when considered from the point of view of a low sodium diet?

Salt content in beer

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks known to mankind. It is also the third most popular drink after water and tea worldwide. No surprise that health concerns about such a popular product are an important issue of research and debate. Is sodium level in beer something to worry about?

Salt content in gatorade

My typical article discusses a product in which salt is an ingredient that is not talked much about. If the food industry could produce cheeses that contained no salt, but still tasted great, there would be no salt in cheese. Gatorade is a very different product. It’s supposed to contain salt. What is Gatorade? The sodium content in Gatorade is a testament to the important role that this mineral plays in the normal functioning of the human body.

Does salt raise blood pressure?

What is salt Salt, or sodium chloride (NaCl) is ubiquitous. It has been the most commonly used seasoning in virtually all human cultures. More imporatanly, salt is essential to the life of many highly evolved organisms. In particular, our central nevrous system depends on sodium ions to transmit signals. Every muscle movement requires sodium! Salt is also constantly removed from our bodies through urine and sweat. Replenishing it is necessary, but not nearly at the rate at which most people consume salt as a part of their daily diet.

Sodium content of shrimp and how to deal with it

What is shrimp? Shrimp are small decapod crustaceans that can be found in great quantities along the coasts the Earth’s oceans, as well as some fresh water lakes and rivers. It can be assumed that shrimp have been a part of human diet since prehistoric times, however this cannot be easily supported by archeology, becaue shrimp generally do not leave fossil remains. There is evidence from later times that shrimp were a popular delicacy.

Sodium in orange juice and other fruity beverages

lowsodium-orange-juiceI remember discussing various low sodium options with my health practitioner and asking her whether drinking juices would be a good practice. I was mostly thinking about orange juice, a common thing to have for breakfast. But the thing is, I really like most juices and I was just looking for an excuse to buy them and drink them more often. Well, the doctor shook her head and said that juices tend to be a little high in sodium. Well, anybody who knows anything about the food industry will tell you that sodium is added whenever possible. This means that even though fruits and vegetables are known for their low sodium content their heavily processed versions are not so health conscious. Therefore, discretion must be exercised by us, folks with high blood pressure. So, I had to do my own research and the results are actually somewhat encouraging. Although some juice beverages (tomato juice, for example) have a reputation for having too much sodium the overall picture is not so bad. Here is a graph with some numbers for a few popular drinks (based on USDA data).